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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

super six mile run

I woefully looked out my window, staring sadly at my vehicle.
Poor thing.
He hadn't been able to run yet again today.
Stuck in snow, 
a drive-way full of drifts, 
roads inaccessible.

No trips to town for morning swims.
No bank runs to cash cheques and pay bills.
Not even a venture out for milk.

Drifts are piled high, snow plows haven't come around to our neck of the woods for almost a day, and snow piles up even higher as the hours pass.

Then I realize....


He may have to sit in the drive, but I have my shoes.
With running treads no less.

I hastily yank back the door,
knee my way through the drifts in the walkway, (boys better shovel later....),
and I decide a mile will be mine.....

.....a mile where No Vehicle Has gone before!
(or at least not in the last 36 hours....)

And I'm off!
Dodging snow piles at the speed of lightning. (snort)

Passing telephone poles like a rocket.
On fire.
(snort, snort)
The fence posts may be up to their ears...but me?
I'm running by it all.

Flying up hills~ I run, 
not a care in the world.

It's impossible for me to get stuck in a rut, or a bank of snow.
(as it looks as though some poor sucker...ummm...vehicle did.)

The road is mine.
Even the much needed signs ~ belong to me now.

(Hidden intersection?! No kidding!)

One giant leap took me over a drift..
Bounding over banks of snow~I was now onto my 6th mile...and I couldn't even remember how I got there.

I flew. I'm sure of it. (Ha!)
{Funny what you're capable of when you pretend to be a Super-Hero;)}
(oh brother....eye roll)

My feet knew no boundaries.
I was running. 
Where no other vehicle could.

But then, like all good things....an end has to come.
In this case....my kids were probably needing supper.
And dark was falling. 
Like the snow. 

As I passed my vehicle, still sitting sadly in its parking spot, I gave it a pat.
"Maybe tomorrow, little guy. You might get your turn tomorrow."
(Super six-mile smile.)

(now where the heck IS that snow plow?!)


mountain mama said...

you know...i've always had a inkling that runners are crazy folk but now i'm sure of it!

love it!!! :D

darlin said...

Dawn, I only wish I had half your energy! Wow, look at that snow, that's crazy... and it's spring THEY say. I love mountain mama's comment, good one mama! lol

Have a great day Dawn, I hope you didn't forget anything in town once you got there... or did you go to town?

Unknown said...


Dawn said...

:)))) I'm starting to think runners are kinda crazy too...:)))))

Allison said...

Runners ARE crazy, Dawn. That is the singular reason why I run! I L-O-V-E this post! Hurray for you!

Full-On-Forward said...

And you got out of bed WHY????? Good job gal!


Dani said...

Wow!!! You did it. Great! Love this post.

Joe said...

I wish I had half the get up and go you do :).

Tracy said...

I was running right there with you; every word I took another step. Marvelous!!
and I am so jealous...since bad knees and a bad back have taken over my body, there is no more 'run' in me and it makes me sad...I use to run marathons...I'm happy for you

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Awesome job! Wish I'd been there with you. Except for the snow part.

Lowell said...

I've got to have Lois Anne read this! She's a runner...doesn't race anymore but still runs 4-5 miles every other day. Fortunately, we have no snow. :-)

This is Lois Anne...LOVE this post! What a beautiful run and great photo captures. I'm headed out for a run now, but the temp is in the 60's.

Val said...

Look at all the snow!!! Look at you....what a trooper you are!! I love your dedication. = )

TexWisGirl said...

Yes, you are crazy. But crazy good too. Running is in your blood like nothing else. Crazy girl!

Leah J. Utas said...

Good for you for getting out for a run.

Judy said...

You go girl...Especially for not letting a "little" snow get you down ;)

Alli said...

WOW! That's amazing. Great job getting out in that snow for a run. I can't even imagine myself doing that. I hope it warms up for you soon though, I'm feeling summer and sun and with all that snow.....I bet you are too!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Nice! I bet your poor feet were freezing! I did 3 on the treadmill. Should have braved the elements like you! :)

considerthelillies said...

sounds like an exhilarating run! i always feel so energetic in the snow! hope your car is dug out soon!

Eyeliquor 2 said...

Wow! you are amazing!

bon bon said...

i think your running attire should have wonder woman's graphic "W" on the front! ;o)

Farm Girl said...

I am so glad you aren't letting the snow get you down. It is over the fence posts??? Oh my gosh, I am so glad you had a nice run and you are making lemonade. :)

A Prelude To... said...

You are SO awesome!!!! That picture of you is fantastic! Super Runner to the rescue!!

LBB said...

I love the last pic of Super Dawn!!! After seeing this, I can no longer use weather as an excuse to get out there :)

Out on the prairie said...

That was a nice burst of energy, it saved the day to run.

carmilevy said...

You are an absolute inspiration, Dawn. We're getting hit with an ice storm/blizzard today, and as I walked the dog through the drifts this morning, my only priority was to return to the house and fetch some tea.

Your experience gives me pause. Next time, I'll strap on my running shoes and see how far I can go. Thanks for the push! I needed it today!

Anonymous said...

Well you put me to shame friend
while you were doing you super six mile I was sitting in silence......
what can one say???!!!!

you look great with that super six mile smile!!!!


love and light

MDScaper said...

Okay, silly me has to ask...are you running on top of the snow or did you manage to find six miles of ploughed pavement?

Jo said...

You SO ROCK!!! I wish I had just a fraction of your energy and determination.

Debbie said...

So completely inspiring and well written. LOVED the pictures, especially the one of you at the end. The snow looks so pretty, you sure do have a lot.

Hilary said...

Good for you.. you're far braver than I. We've had similar weather here today.. and I haven't even ventured out to shovel.

spindrift,maine said...

All Right!! Good for you! WA-HOO!

laughwithusblog said...

Way to conquer that snow! What a fun read!

Discovery Street said...

wow...kudos to you...that takes some serious motivation.

Randy said...

Way to go! Looks like it was a fun run.

Hope said...

lol! awesome post! I felt so sad, discouraged, heartbroken etc. at the beginning then the excitement hit when you realized you could not be held down. good one Dawn!

great photo's!

Hang in there. spring is coming!!!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Yay...superwoman! You should consider swopping the running shoes for ski's.

Heidi said...

Hi Dawn,

That's amazing, 6 miles in that snow, you are awesome and so inspiring. Love those pics. You sure have lots of snow. When does it start to melt, probably not till May....Keep running and have a great weekend!...Heidi

Deb said...

wow you are a determined girl....

nicole said...


Jordanna said...

Wow, you are SO hard core Dawn!