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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Building on What you Know

(GPS versus the good ol' globe)

There are days when I'm learning with the kids...and instances overwhelm me. And I get to thinking that even though I'm older than my kids- I still feel the way they do.
For example: In helping my 10 year old son with his math and correcting his work he had just completed/struggled through. I was showing him what he needed to correct, when my 15 year old came and plunked his Algebra to be corrected down on the table beside me.
My 10 year old looked over...to the Grade 10 math sheet....and his eyes welled up with tears. "Oh mom....I have to learn THAT? How am I ever gonna learn THAT!"
Needless to say my eyes filled up with tears too....(but probably more because I realized that I have 3 more kids to GET to that point of a grade 10 math sheet...)
Regardless of why we were both dismayed...this moment struck me.
How we jump ahead of ourselves. We want to know how to accomplish something at the tail end of it. Forget learning what's in between the end result...we want to see it happen.
We forget that in order to get farther on down the road- we still have to walk (or stumble. And sometimes crawl....) down the road to get to there.

I think I can apply this to many other areas of my life as well.
There's so much I wish to have accomplished, finished, figured out. I want to be there...but things need to build on one another to allow that to happen.

Puzzle Piece: patience, longsuffering
To DO: refresh myself in Algebra...even if it means starting way back in grade 6:)

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