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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Get Real

Okay.....I'm going to reveal something that has not been revealed to more than 3 people in this world- 2 of them being my own kids.
My closet.
Now closets are more than just where we hide our clothes that fit- or don't.
It's where we put things we have no idea what to do with. It's  for wrapping paper and gifts for the next birthday or holiday. It contains belts, shoes, and slippers.
Mine even has seasonal bedding (feather duvets or summer bed covers), boxes of pictures and old photo albums not quite yet complete. My closet holds bags and purses, hats for every occasion, (like my maple leaf for Canada Day or my Santa Hat), and even a scrapbook containing crafts from my "creative children".
It holds all this and maybe a bit more.
But the one rule of the closet:
It's revealed to NO ONE.
It's doors are shut (or wedged shut) when company comes over.
When I want to make my room feel "neat"....the closet doors must be closed.
So why do I feel the need to share this private space with you now????
Because...I'm tired.
I'm tired of me (and all of us) making it seem that everything is perfect and done up properly in our lives.
I'm tired of hoping that no one will see what really is behind those closed doors...and if they ever do...
Ah! I don't even want to think about what everyone would think of me then!
And on that note alone...I'm tired of the judgement that's out there. Who knows WHAT the next person will think, say, or do should they find out the real truth behind those doors!
So...this is for all the people out there who think I have everything organized and in place and properly in position.
This is for those who don't feel they can have me over because you think your house is a disaster and I just might look down at you. This is for those who think my closets are "together".
Cause guess what.......this is mine, and it's not.

After I took this picture I realized that maybe I should be a better example and at least try to put things back together....at least as well as I could.
But the funny thing is...I wanted to show you all the "after picture". I wanted to prove that my closet could be better....that I'm not "really that messed up". Even after I put it all back together in order...I felt it wasn't good enough....and honestly, I took more than one picture and re-arranged things more than once so you all would get a "perfect view" of a fairly organized space in my life.
After a third attempt of trying to get the right After photo to put on here....I realized that in doing this, I was defying the entire reason of what I set out to do.
Be Real.
How I cleaned this closet up was me...and the way I do things.
It didn't have to be put in order of color or lengths of dresses. The boxes didn't have to be all lined up and angled the right way.
I did the best I could in the way I knew how to try to clean it up....why was I ashamed to STILL show  you the end result of my closet??????

I always want to look ok.
I want you to think I have it together.
Who am I kidding?
I WANT to have it together!!
All the time...and in every area of my home, heart, life....and closet.

But I don't.
This is me.
And this closet isn't the only thing that's messed up.

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Unknown said...

Dawn, I love that you got real here. It's hard to do. I saw more of an underlying message here than just the closet. Mine looks the same quite often. I love that you say you WANT to have it together too. I WANT to too and we all don't show ourselves because we want to look all together, because it's really hard to be judged by others. The Lord made us in his image, Extraordinary and he wants us to have it together too, but he is patient and does not condem. That's what I love about Him.