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Sunday, March 21, 2010

weekend moments

Blooms from last SPRING's visit to the coast......
Not an eventful weekend, but memories were made and we
 had wonderful together moments.
Corben's last basketball session was on Saturday.
I really didn't know if the whole "try out Basketball" thing would work,
but he loved the season and finished it!
And- he wants to go back, which is huge for this child. He can't usually stay
interested in one thing for more than a day or 2 before he's on to the next idea!
I came into the living room and found this....my CHRISTMAS Cactus, blooming again. Someone told me they bloom at Christmas AND spring....yay!
I can now call it my my Spring Cactus...(until next Christmas rolls around and it
will once again be called my Christmas Catus.)

I watched the boys play catch in the front yard, and my dog snooze in the sun
beside a pair of rubber boots which someone had just used in our mud puddles.

~A very long walk with a wonderful friend.~

~A 4 mile trek down our gravel road with my 8 year old...chatting about how God made billions of people all different from one another.
We made $1.30 picking bottles and cans from the ditches.~

~A pajama party with Molly, and watching the movie SeaBiscuit together. She just finished reading
the book...and our rule is always read the book before you get to watch the movie.
Of course she said the book was better.~

~Listening to our guys in the next room watch and talk about the Saturday night hockey game.~

~Enjoyed a blueberry pancake breakfast that I didn't have to make.~

And to end the weekend, we all went on our very first Bike Ride of the year.
After spending an hour getting the bikes "tuned up"......
...we were off for a few (too many for some) miles.

Our excitement on the bike ride would have to be the Porcupine we saw up in a tree.
We all stopped to observe him, as we have only seen the "damage" these guys have done to our dog and horses....and never had actually seen the creature that caused it all.

To end the day, we all piled in the van to get Chinese food from our favorite place in town.

It was a quiet but really good first weekend of SPRING.


turtle town said...

Hi! So I need some green thumb lessons for my christmas cactus...it isn't blooming:(
Arika said we should be calling them the "Christian Cactus" because it blooms at Christmas and Easter!

koralee said...

What a lovely way to celebrate Spring...is your daughter named Molly? I have a Molly too...I just love that name.
Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine if you have any. xoxo

Dawn said...

Yes i have a Molly! They are pretty special- those Mollys:))))
So far we have snow...but spring is out there somewhere...I ust know it!
Hope your visit went well and you have a wonderful week as well!