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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

On the other side of the World....

There is a girl out there- on the other side of the world- who I wish I could meet.

We are the same age.
We have the exact same number of kids.
We love the same type of sport.

I found her blog when I was looking up Triathlon Blogs....and am so glad I did.

She just completed a sprint triathlon on Sunday and I just want to give her a big
She did an amazing job and has trained incredibly hard for this day.
 I'm super proud of all she is accomplishing!
{You can see her story on the day here!}

I am continually amazed by the people I have met through this world of Blogging.
I have had comments and been sent e-mails...always encouraging and inspiring me.
I've also learned a lot from others and connected with people who I never would have "met" otherwise.
And there is such talent out there!!
I have met writers, artists, photographers.
There are runners and triathletes, those into the style thing of things (which I'm not too great at), and incredible  cooks.
There are those of you who post an encouraging word or 2 on your post which inspire me or get me through yet another day of routine.

I enjoy learning  from all of you....
even if we seem worlds apart!
On that note.....
I got a package in the mail yesterday!!!!!
{You have to know~ I mourn the loss of letter writing and posting packages.
My little black mailbox usually contains bills and junk mail...and I think with all the online banking I'm finally doing, even my bills hardly come through the mail anymore.}

So when I found this in my mailbox at the end of the driveway.....
....all the way from here......
...I was ecstatic.
Still am.
And it made my day, my week.
It made this entire new month!!

Thank you so much  Saskia for your package and note.
It meant more than you know!!

(Fun Note: Upon receiving a phone call from me~sharing my Excitement over my package...my sister sent me a link to here:
It's WRITE up my alley.....seeing as how I long for my letter writing days.
Take a peek.
It will make you miss the "old-fashioned" means of communicating.
{{I think I want to go mail something now.....}}


What a wonderful thing is the mail, capable of conveying across continents a warm human hand-clasp.  ~Author Unknown


beth said...

meeting bloggers in real life has been a blessing to my heart....this winter i'm scheduled to meet 3 more...maybe 4 :)

Anonymous said...

Fun post with many great thoughts. One thing sticks out for me, though. It's how you say you mourn the loss of letter writing. I couldn't agree more. There something so special about letter writing that brings sincerity and thoughtfulness to the surface. You might check out this blog project--www.thingsunsaidproject.wordpress.com. A neighbor passed it my way last week. Real interesting stuff!

Keep up the good work!


Paula said...

How awesome!! AWESOME!! I love snail mail! What a blessing that you deserve because I've only known you through your blog for 24 hours and I think you rock!!!!!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I'm so with you on this. Blog land has definitely enriched my life too. Sweet of you to make this lovely post and mentioning my wee envelope.
Much love for today, sweet Dawn. xxxx

TexWisGirl said...

I had read on Saskia's blog that you had won a pink bracelet, so I knew right away what you had gotten in the mail! I love her photos and her joy and her pictures, so I'm SO glad she shared some of her wonderfulness with you, sent in a sweet package across the seas!

You guys are wonderful!

Jimmy said...

This is so special to connect with someone in this manner and make a friendship with someone who otherwise you would have never known, blogging and given me a group of friends like this and I am amazed each day when I think of the different places all my new found friends are living.

I am happy for you Dawn this is Great

Carole Barkett said...

I agree, I've met the most wonderful people from all over the world through blogging. Congrats on your mail, it's loved at our house too.

Widge said...

I love the people we meet through this amazing form of communication too!!
I'll post you something!!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely surprise.. Last summer, a woman (from Canada) I have known for a few years through our poetry writing sent me a beautiful pair of earrings and a small picrure she painted for my new home..I was jumping like a kid at the mailbox!! Yeah!!!

And now I have met you...which is nothing but a pure treat. I adore your blogs and the woman you are shines through with each post.. Sorry this is such a long comment, just wanted you to know!!!

Thank you for your support of my scribblings and for sharing your world with us!!!!

Happy Thursday (on Wednesday's post..ha!!)

Haddock said...

It is very rare that we meet the bloggers in real life.
But once done it must be a great feeling.

Out on the prairie said...

I have built some strong friendships while blogging. The travel we percieve talking around the world is very fun.With some I have even developed a voice to their posts.I corresponded with one lady for 2 years. When we met it was fun to see and hear the voice, but also fun that we knew a lot about each others families and endeavors.I shop a lot by mail so get a few packages here and there. I also enjoy sending cards for various celebrations.

Tiggeriffic said...

I am following so many blogs and it's so wonderful.. Some make me laugh, cry, humor is something that makes me laugh so hard. After reading everyone's blogs that I follow it's just like I know them in person.. I would love to take a vacation someday and just go state to state, city to city and visit all the people who I have read their blogs. Very special girls...
Have a great day.. Enjoy your blog totally and look forward everyday to read what is going on with your life... Ta Ta For Now from Iowa....

Jo said...

The connections we make through blogging are just amazing, aren't they? I love feeling connected to all these people that I have never even met. I just confessed that a fellow blogger was in a dream of mine the other night. She commented back saying "that's not odd. we've known each other for at least a year now, right?" I love that!

Snail mail is the best. So many times I want to send things to other people I have met on the internet, but I feel like asking for an actual address may be crossing the line. It freaks some people out. But getting a package in the mail is just like Christmas or a birthday. :)

Deb said...

it is so fun to get to meet people through their blogs...I still love writing and mailing cards in the mail..no pre-printed Christmas cards for me...I sign each and everyone...I get so excited when I get a real letter in the mail

Elizabeth Grimes said...

What a nice surprise. Glad it made your new month!