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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

~Only the Lonely~

this is my favorite picture.
i was alone.
          it was quiet, and beautiful, and i never wanted to return to land.

another favorite picture.(i have a lot:)
i was just getting ready to cross a mountain stream.
it was an adventure i did by myself.

In both these instances i was alone.
i wasn't lonely.
(i rather like being alone)

but put me in a room with someone- or a group- 
 who doesn't hear my heart...and i am an island.

i have often said i feel alone even though surrounded by people.
(it's hard to find alone time in a house of 6.)
i have heard others lament the same thing.
they can be in a crowd and never feel more lonely than at that moment.

i am beginning to think -
that feeling of alone isn't loneliness.

i am starting to wonder if maybe.....
it's more of a frustration or a hurt.

 of not being heard.
having no one who can relate.
not being understood.
or worse- being misunderstood.

i think there's a trick.
it begins when you realize there are going to be times when just maybe- 
no one WILL get it.

i am me.
me with the thoughts i think and feelings i feel.
and they don't have to be understood all the time.
i get it.
and maybe.....the person standing next to me in the crowd is just as lonely as i.
all i really have to do- is catch their eye- and smile.
i understand.

{an adventure we do ourselves is sometimes the most rewarding.}

Be able to be alone. Lose not the advantage of solitude, and the society of thyself.
 - Thomas Browne


Liesl said...

I like the colour of the toenails! That thin strip of land that seperates water and skye is alluring..A lot of times people who are lonely when alone just don't get it that some of us actually like being alone and can be that without being lonely...very hard concept to grasp for lots of people!

Allison said...

A wonderful post, Dawn... I have felt the same way and thought similar thoughts. I love the way you have responded to loneliness here. And I say from the deepest part of me... I hear you today, friend.

Allison said...

And p.s... you have great feet! :)

this free bird said...

I feel just like this. You've articulated it beautifully. How did you find a way to get married and still be at peace?


Jayne said...

I love both of those photos Dawn, and I think all of us feel that at one time or another. Lovely, well articulated post.

Anonymous said...

First, you have prety feet..lol..
Like you, I rather enjoy being alone for many reasons and I refer to myself as the Purple shoe.. Like no one gets me at times..

We must first enjoy our thoughts and company, before others can. At one time I had a household of 7, so I so understand what you mean. My alone time was quite precious.. I get you my dear!!!

Mary said...

I think most articulate bloggers feel this way about themselves -- but you put it very eloquently. :)

Kerri Farley said...

First let me say the images are outstanding.
Next - that I can sooooo relate to this.
Great post!

Leah J. Utas said...

Yes, I get it. I rather like being alone. It's hard to described the isolation that comes with being in a crowd, but you did it well.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Beautiful pictures and thoughtful post. What's funny, is that I think everyone who reads that, understands exactly what you mean. So in that at least, we're never alone!

Hilary said...

I think we all feel that way to a certain extent. Some more than others but I'm sure we can all relate. Great shots. It looks like you've had some lovely adventures alone.

chloë. said...

Mmm, lovely post. It's so true that others around you are often just as lonely as you are.

And can I just say that I love how your nail polish is the same color as the water in the first picture?! Stunning. :]

TexWisGirl said...

FYI, I've always thought your feet were the prettiest on the web. You could SO be a foot model!

I loved this post. As usual you express so much in a few words and it rings true to your readers' hearts. I love my alone time, and I know you find yours when/wherever you can.

BTW, congrats on reaching 100 followers! You deserve 1 million!!! :)

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Fab photos and yes you can feel alone when surrounded by people. My friend moved to London for a while and she said she has never felt so alone, millions of people around her but she felt so lonely.

Lynette Jacobs said...

You just know how to say it! I also love my alone time...I never feel lonely then. I don't do crowds well. Maybe it has to do with the nature of our ministry to so many people...it can become so overwhelming at times. I tend to want to isolate myself when I have the chance. I love the photos you used to illustrate this post.

Carole Barkett said...

yes, there is a huge difference between lonely and being alone and I agree, you never feel lonelier than with people who don't tune in or even put out the effort to try to.

Discovery Street said...

we're surrounded by loneliness...I used to feel it often. I often knock on the doors of people in my apartment complex just to chat...I find people are eager to talk to someone...even a stranger if only for a little while.

Tiggeriffic said...

I'm such a people person that I strike up a conservation with a lot of people, even people on elevators.. My husband is the opposite. So I try to be quiet when I'm with him, he gets embarassed. There are times when it's great to have quiet time and be alone.. But I have too many people I like doing things for. Enjoyed your perspective on loneliness...ta ta for now from Iowa

Hope said...

you've got it right. lonely and loneliness are two different things. Sounds like me pondering those same thoughts for a long time then i ended up being a writer.

I must say you are more adventurous than i ever was or will be. But I hear you on the alone part. that is the moment when I can just 'Be'. Out for my walks alone, where i can connect with nature. nature is in the moment all of the time. Nature 'is' and always will 'be'. I love those moments.

love the photo's really like your choice of nail color.
have a wonderful day
and be safe

Hope said...

I meant to say 'being alone' not lonely. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Dawn Dawn Dawn!!!!
How I LOVE this post
How your words speak to me so loudly!
Yes, sister i get it, I hear you, I am listening!

I have gone through such a huge shift in my life the last few years as far as this topic goes....I used to surround myself with people, friends, noise. but it was a way of avoiding...avoiding the things i had to face...namely me. I smile about it now..but the road was rough to get here. Now I long for more solitude..love to be with those I connect with but also LOVE to be with me...me and my Spirit..now those are special times...

thanks for this today Dawn...thanks

love and light

Barbie said...

I absolutely love my solitude. That's not to say I don't enjoy the company of people but I never feeling lonely when it is just me, myself and I. My own mind is a constant source of companion - and for that i am greatful.

Out on the prairie said...

I like the myself times, but then there are times I would like to be with people. I've been camping for a few days,and the only communication was waves from a couple of cars. I do have a dog who keeps me company and thank animals when I get a good pic.Blogging allows me to have some time with friends around the world.The alone time builds my spirit and gives me ideas to write.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I just crave these times, I need these times and (since a short while) I actually take these times.
A great post, sweet Dawn! Hugs for today, sweet solitude hooray! xoxoxoxo

Aimee said...

I love this post! As a mother to 2 young boys, I don't get to be "alone" very often. But, those times that I do, they are awesome. I love having alone time.

Inger said...

What a beautiful post, Dawn. Except that I think I must have missed your pretty feet, I was so absorbed by your writing. I need to be alone and to me solitude is one of the most beautiful words in the English language. Now I will go back and check out those feet!--Inger

Gorgeous Glam said...

That first pic is so dreamy! It should be a postcard! xo

our little love nest said...

A great post!! xo

koralee said...

Some good thoughts today my friend. i think we all feel that way sometime...even in a home filled with people who love us.

xoxoxo love your photos.

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Being able to be alone is important I think. A lot of people constantly have to be around people. I think for some it is a way to hide from themselves. So, being able to be alone and be okay with that is a good thing.

Kenley said...

I love being alone, but I also think that there is a huge difference of being alone and feeling alone. I love being alone but not feeling alone. But I think that feeling alone can build character. Who knows. Love the pics and your beautiful words. Take care.

Jimmy said...

Very well said Dawn, you can be so at peace when alone and so frustrated and by yourself in the midst of everyone, I can relate in the feeling of being misunderstood or not understood so to say and You are so right that others have the same feelings as we and we are never alone in our own thoughts.

Love the pictures they show a sense of peace that few ever find.

Nicole Austin said...

wow. i can't agree more. i treasure my time alone at night, when everything is quiet and everyone is asleep. it recharges my soul. you have summed it up so eloquently and beautifully. i LOVE the photos, too!

darlin said...

Oh how I love that first photo, I like them all but the first one is heavenly! I like what you have to say about being lonely, my take on being lonely is that God gave us this feeling as a reminder that He wants to spend some time with us. I am never alone, do I get lonely, yes sometimes, I'm human after all.

Unknown said...

ahhh, I'd love to be alone on a beach right now with bare feet. Lovely pic. I wish I had a house full of six. When my husband leaves it's just me and the dogs. Sometimes I love it, but sometimes I don't. Needing more times with friends right now, but not always finding the time.

Rick said...

I think your post resonated with a lot of people. Perhaps a common denominator among the commentators (geez, there's a mouthful !) is that they're photographers AND quite comfortable in the company of themselves. I personally believe photography is best done in solitude - well, perhaps with an animal friend.

Nice post - you nailed it for most of us !

Jordanna said...

Gorgeous pictures, as always :). Love this! I am learning to appreciate alone time. I never was one to enjoy being alone, but I am coming to the point where I totally know what you're talking about.

Pat Tillett said...

I'm fine in a group setting, but I'd prefer to be alone. My wife and i give each other plenty of space at home, so that works out great!

Nice photos and great feet!

nicole said...

i think about the difference between alone and lonely all the time...thanks for the great post summing up my thoughts!

Krystle said...

this is beautiful. I can certainly relate!