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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Memory Pics

I wasn't planning to post for a bit yet...but, as our "Memory Making Time" took us in to places we never really planned on and resulted in almost 700 pictures- I couldn't let them go to waste!
Besides....as I won't be seeing some of you in the very near future...I thought I would share where our travels took us!
Soooo....for the brave, here's a VERY short version of our VERY spontaneous and truly Memorable time we had together:

Just some of the places we ventured.....

And then of course there were the people we shared this time with.....

And then there were some of the things we did:

Ocean Exploration

Lots (too much) eating....

Land and Water Sports

Well if you made it THIS far I am sure you need a break!
The sights we saw will have to wait for
another post.....if you dare come back to peek:)

I Hope your day is Happy today!
Can't wait to hear from all of you...it is good to be home where
heart and friends and (the rest of) family are!

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