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Thursday, April 29, 2010


I awoke this morning to a view I did not like.
It's white.
And blowing.
And blustery and gloomy.

It was a mere 2 days ago, and my kids were pulling me around the yard showing me blooms, bulbs, and shoots of green that were finally poking up through our dry dirt:

Now...here is where those new beauties lie:

What I need to concentrate on today:
"In whatever situation (or Province) I am in, therefore learn to be content (and not wish I was somewhere back in warmth)."
Guess we are all settling down with good books today:)

Hope you all have a wonderful day, whether you have sun ...or snow!!


our little love nest said...

Oh my goodness!!!! WOW! I was feeling so discontent with where I am until you posted this....now I have something to be thankful for: no snow in April! ;)
Funny how things seem to be never good enough until you start thinking about all you have to be thankful for, no matter where you are on this planet. Thanks for the awesome reminder! xoxo

Dawn said...

I know...it's hard to remember. But I am trying today:) I STILL would like to go on your Woods walk though...and sit by your campfire!!!! (It's so wet here I may not get to "campfire" for a very long time:))