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Thursday, July 30, 2009


The other I day something not so great happened with one of my kids...and I discouragingly thought to myself- does anything ever make an impact on them? Does anything I try to teach them get thru their heads?? Sometimes I feel all I do actually DOES go in one ear and out the other....... A Flower my oldest son picked for me from alongside the road- biking home from work.

I had to stop and think for a bit ...(I often get caught up in thoughts that lead me down a negative road of thinking....especially when I dwell on an idea for too long!)
What HAVE they learned? Do they pick up on anything I speak? (Besides grumpy moments...:)

Giving has always been an important thing with me....and it is one thing I have continually tried teaching my kids. And when I was wondering about what- if anything- they've picked up from my humble- not so perfect AT ALL- journey as a mother...I realized that they are growing up...and in alot of positive ways...including Giving.

An old photo album (previously used for a great collection of hockey cards) that my youngest gave to me because he knows I love to scrapbook.

A "night cap" that Corben sewed (unknown to me while he was at it!) for me after we had finished one of The Little House on the Prairie books. (Remember how Laura used to wear a nightcap to bed??) Note: This cap looks much more smashing on the bear:)

And then there was last night....when I went to bed and on my nightstand was an encouraging and sweet note from my daughter. After she must have listened to one of my "concerns" yesterday while I was talking to a friend...she wrote to tell me how much she Does love me, and left a verse at the bottom of the note..."Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

A maple sugar sucker that Adam "sneakily" went and bought - one for each of us- on our camping trip.

I'm not writing all this proudly to brag about my kids or what I've taught them....I think it was just all an eye-opener to realize that what we do or say or teach- whether we know it or not- does have an impact. I DID feel discouraged when i thought they weren't taking a positive thing in....but they are. Somewhere amongst my jumbled up stumblings as a mother...they are picking something up that's positive.

Go "teach" something today....who knows who will pick it up:)

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