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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What I miss from the good ol' days....

A very good friend of mine just picked up an "antique" phone the other day...you know the kind where you have to put your finger in the hole and turn the dial in order to "punch in" the right number? The type of phone that makes an annoying click as it continues on in a circle and takes 20 minutes to literally dial a number?
She showed the phone to her kids and told them this was the type of phone she had when she was little. They spent a few minutes trying to figure it out...she sat and watched while they pushed down on the numbers thru the holes- not knowing how to dial. It sounded kind of cute when she described it all to me.
Later on that day my kids started asking me funny questions- like; if I had TV when I was little? - if we had flush toilets? - what kind of cars did we drive? And then I had to tell them about all the "neat" things we DID have....remember when there were drive-in movies, and "drive-in up to a speaker with waitresses on rollerblades A&W's"? And gas was only in the .20/litre range? And the milkman delivered milk to your house in plastic bags thru a little cubbyhole in the wall of your house? And when you went to the library you actualy had to SIGN a book out but only after you found the book using the alphabetical index card method:)
I remember things like that when I was little....and I started thinking I was Way too young to be reminiscing about "when I was a kid" things! I thought that's what grandparents did!!

There is something I really really miss from when I was little. Letter Writing. I miss sitting down with a new sheet of stationary and my favorite pen, seeing how neat I could write every word, picturing the person on the other end getting my letter. I miss walking to the post office and finding a letter addressed with my very own name on it, opening it up like a chocolate bar and devouring every word written back in response to my lettter, having something tangible to hold from a very special person in another part of the world - even if it was only a city away.

I MISS letter writing. I think the last real letter I wrote was a few years ago. I don't even know if I own pretty stationary anymore. In fact- I can't remember the last time I bought stamps for something other than sending a cheque for something I thought I needed....and even that I can do on-line now.
Rotary dial phones can be left back in the old days....but I think letter writing needs to come back for me. I'm going to go write a letter........


LindyLou said...

Love your blog!!!

Dawn said...

Thank you Sweet Aunty:) Remember OUR letter writing days? :)

turtle town said...

and what about marching bands...I miss marching bands..there hasn't been a marching band for two years now in the town parade...where have all the good marching bands gone???

Dawn said...

I agree!!!!! (Ya nut! :)