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Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Finished!

I'm tired....trying to keep eyes open...but I'm so happy I had to type it out! I'm Finished!! The apartments!

Guess I should explain....I have a very part time job, but as of late it hasn't been very part time. Okay...it's not very glamorous. At all. And when I give you my title you may just yawn and shut your computer down...but: I AM A CLEANER. Of new houses....and lately- an entire apartment complex. The apartment was just completed this spring and I got the contract to clean it.

First of all...I'm not embarrassed by my title of mere Cleaner. I find something very satisfying ...walking into a newly built home, seeing sawdust, drywall and paint all over the place, and a couple hours later walking out the door looking back at a spotless home ready for someone to take possession of it. I like cleaning! Love it actually:)

So when this Apartment Complex came up I jumped at the chance. I began back in April, and I am done- all 81,000 square feet as of July 20th, 2009. All 95 kitchens, 95 toilets, over 300 doors, a few hundred windows, countless cupboards......all CLEAN! I am very glad it's spotless now....and will never- ever- ever take on another apartment building again in my life:)

(And a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to my helper Jo:)) Staff Party is tomorrow:)


Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you! Now it's on to other things...

turtle town said...

yipee!!!...can't wait for the party...can we do paint ball,mini golf then go karts and wrap it up with glow bowling?(just some suggestions)

Dawn said...

We might as well throw in waterslides and kite flying too?