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Friday, November 27, 2009

Aprons and Me...

i don't know what it is about an apron.
i used to feel the apron was only in existence to represent the domesticated housewife- submitting to never-ending duties and housework, when supposedly what she should be doing is fighting for her domain in the "workworld".
i'm thinking of changing my view.
have you ever put an apron on? while wandering about in the kitchen....preparing a meal, baking, getting ready to make jam....

it's a strange thing. when i don one of these coverings i feel changed. i know it sounds odd, but i feel like i'm in a play and my role is of the one in charge- who knows what she's doing and knows who she is, and actually knows what needs to get done.
 not only that....i feel like i can actually accomplish what i'm supposed to do.
all because i'm wearing an apron. (?)

why is this?
is my role really only that of "mere housewife/homemaker"? 
and is there something wrong with that role? 
someone needs to take charge of home life. why shouldn't that be of utmost importance as well as work-world jobs?
i wouldn't call the apron my uniform by any means....all i'm saying is that when i wrap one around me and tie up the strings at the back, pick up a spatula in one hand and read my cookbook sipping on a glass of wine while i cook an evening meal....i feel right.
my uniform fits for that time. and it's me in that moment.

i like my aprons. i may have an extra if you want to try one out?

(of course it helps that i get to wear these cute  aprons made by my mom)

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turtle town said...

gotta love a cute apron...i get way more done when i wear one!