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Friday, November 13, 2009

The Ball

so in one week i'm actually going to a Ball.
you know...one where everyone wears ballroom dresses and dances in ballroom fashion.
i have a dress that my mom made for me years ago. one of the kinds that never seem to go out of style. at least i hope it hasn't.
today my best friend and i are going to shop for everything else we need...which is.....?

i'd like to shop for new hair. skinnier arms. more height.
i'd like to find tiny feet. long manicured fingers on small hands. straighter teeth.
i'd really like to find a store that offers 10 pounds off. in all the right places.

i think what i''m going to do though.....
is wear the dress i have- in style or not.
wear my hair up. or even let it down.
dance ....or laugh my self silly trying.
have a ball.
live life while it happens.

be me.

and i'll let you know what happens.

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pig parade said...

I love you just the way you are!!!!!!:):):)XOXO