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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just One More Thing....

Okay, bare with me. I have one more thing I thought was pretty neat!

Did you know that a man named George de Mestral went for a walk one day back in 1948. He took his dog for a stroll through the Alps, but upon returning home, Goerge found his dog was covered with burrs. The man decided to take one of the burrs from his dog and observe it under a microscope. He was amazed at how well the burrs had attached themselves to his dog!
After studying the burr...he realized he could actually use this nuisance of a BURR....and turn it into something useful.
TADA! Velcro was invented!
Isn't that cool?!?

"Discoveries await people who see solutions....where others see only a problem."
~The World of Biology~ J.Hudson Tiner


turtle town said...

love it....lemons to lemonade...cracked tile to mosaic masterpiece!

Melissa A said...

Cool story. I didn't know that it was invented that long agao.

Dawn said...

I know! I thought it was a little more recent too...