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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Guitar Nights

I have to say that I do love my weeks as well as my weekends! One of my absolute favorite moments during the week is Guitar Nights...with my sister and dad.
None of us are "band ready" quite yet:) But we enjoy learning together and trying new songs....

When I was VERY young I tried piano. High school was the flute. When my daughter took up violin I did too so I could help her in lessons. Now, it's guitar.

I'll admit that I feel a lot more motivated learning along with others!
We'll let you know when our 1st CD comes out...hehe:)


pig parade said...

Music sure is fun hey?!?!! ( some time i what to hear you on your guitar i'm sure you sound good!!)

our little love nest said...

Cute! I didn't know you all were playing guitar. I also didn't remember that you played flute in high school....so did I!!