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Thursday, December 10, 2009

10~Christmas Craft Sales (and Christmas Draws!)


Molly's Handmade Quilts

~Mom's Handmade Creams, Lotions, Body Scrub  
~My Sister's Organic Cinnamon-Clove Cleaner
and Lemon Glass Cleaner

And here are those Aprons ~by Mom

I'm not one for shopping- but you have to say there is something about shopping at Christmas Sales. Everyone's creativity seems to be evident around this time of year.....and what a fun way to shop for gifts!

E-mail me or send a comment to this blog about why YOU love this month of December and/or Christmas....and Your Name will be placed in the Santa Hat.
The Prize: Something I bought from the Craft Sale I attended.
(pictured above)
You have until Friday, December 18th~
so, tell me what YOU love.....


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