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Thursday, December 17, 2009


17th reason to love December....
I became a mom to a pretty-near perfect daughter during this month in 1996!

She is one of the most wonderful blessings I've been blessed with.
She has a heart of gold. She's quiet, but has an incredible sense of humor.
She loves God tremendously.
She treats her brothers with a love and respect I wish I could learn!
She's giving to everyone around her.
She's an amazing violinist and pianist.
She loves to read and write as much as her mom:)
She has more patience than anyone I know.
She bakes yummy gingersnap cookies.
She does things around the house all the time for me- without me asking her.

One year we flew out to Victoria, B.C. together....and then last fall we traveled to Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. We got to see our favorite authors' home  (Lucy Maud Montgomery), try lobster for the 1st time, (well- I did...she snapped pictures:), lay on west and east coast beaches, and just spend some wonderful times together.
I have to say she makes a wonderful friend!

So tomorrow she turns 13.
I am going to bake a Turtle Cheescake for her day.....
and I had better
wrap presents, finish planning surprises, and
go spend moments with my still- 12 year old daughter.....



LindyLou said...

You are an amazing person!!!!
Lovin my slippers you made!
Have a great day and wonderful year!
Love from
Auntie Linda

pig parade said...

your the best cousin EVER Molly!

love arika:):)