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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My List of 2009

So as I'm sitting on my couch looking at the window view, drinking hot drinks, and fighting this bug with all I am:)...I'm thinking. Lots about the past year.
I just decided this morning that I'm going to get the kids to write down at least 10 thing about the past year....either something they did, liked, something not so good, anything about the 12 months past. I am too. And when we're done I want to put it together in a book of Us- and try to do it every year. Sometimes it is pretty neat to look back and see where you have been and what you have come through.....
I did a list up - and it's more than 10 things. It's actually more like 46 things. I thought I would share a part of them here. (Feel free to stop reading at any time. It's more of a list for me to wade through, and not all items are that exciting!)

My List on 2009 looks somewhat like this:

1.   I gained a sweet sister-in-law.
2.   Tried Sushi for the first time.
3.   Ran two 10km races and one 5km with my kids.
4.   Bought a canoe and paddled it in 4 different lakes and one river.
5.   A wonderful uncle of mine passed away.
6.   Went to a Brad Paisely Concert and a Keith Urban Concert. (Never have been to one before this year.)
7.   Booked my very first "Hot" vacation which I will take in 2010.
8.   Watched my marriage unravel at a frightening pace.
9.   Am (still) watching us both be stitched back together again.
10.  Made my first Tiramisu Dessert.
11.  Biked from Canmore to Banff and back again in an afternoon.
12.  Planted almost 300 trees in my yard (with help!)
13.  Started a BLOG :)
14.  Re-finished an antique desk.
15.  Watched a most perfect sunset while sitting in a kayak on the lake by myself.
16.  Stood under a meteor shower.
17.  Starting to realize friends are like seasons...sometimes they do move on.
18.  Went to a Pumpkin Patch for the first time ever.
19.  Lost my patience more than 300 times.
20.  Painted my first picture that I actually hung on a wall.
21.  Became the mom to yet another teenager.
22.  Took a drive down a Scenic Wine Tour road and stopped in to sample.
23.  Finally realized that family is the only thing you can count on to be there all the time.
24.  Consolidated mortgage, loans, and overdraft to add on years to our mortgage payments.
25.  Planted a garden with a ton of sunflowers but no potatoes.
26.  Had to put our favorite horse down.
27.  Took a trip with my sweet sister to Victoria, B.C. in the spring.
28.  A dear elderly friend passed away whom my kids adored.
29.  Hiked YOHO for the 3rd time in one year.
30.  Got caught in a tornado during a long weekend canoe trip.
31.  Took hundreds and hundreds of pictures using my phone camera.
32.  Started a book. (Which may take me years to complete:)
33.  Re-arranged my Living Room at least 4 times.
34.  Bought a guitar and am trying to learn to play it.
35.  Went to Spruce Meadows for the first time with Molly and some good friends.
36.  Took up wearing aprons.
37.  Slept on a hill out in my yard and watched the stars come out. (only a few mosquitoes)
38.  Made it through the year and I am still smiling.

There's a few more but I'm sure you've had enough if you made it this far.
I can't say I have liked all of this year. I can say I have learned alot, am learning still, and enjoyed a tremendous amount of it. And I truly hope I can take those not so great times and grow in them, and become better because of them.
I hope.

And I hope your 2009 has been one of many happy wonders, joys, and growing times.
And here is to the next year to fill.....
Best wishes in 2010 to all of you.


Unknown said...

Hi Dawn,
Thanks for the well wishes. Yes, it looks like we are both suffering the winter colds.
I just got done reading your entire list. You are very motivated athletically. I aspire to your athleticism. I am going to try to sit down and make a list like this too. This is a good idea. I was just rummaging through a ton of papers to try and find my list of goals that I had written down for 2009 to see how I did, but I have yet to find it. I know I will though.

I have a question for you, are you related to Dee from Our Little Love Nest? I know she wants to comes for a visit or move back to Vancouver, B.C., and if you are not too far, we should all get together. I live in Washington State.

Happy New Year to you!

pig parade said...

Auntie dawn your to nice i love your blog!!!:):)xxooxxooxxoo

Dawn said...

I love you too, sweet, wonderful niece-ey! You are a beautiful person, in and out! Love you lots:)