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Monday, December 14, 2009


Dear Winter,
I just wanted to write you and let you know how much I like you this year.

Last year was a hard year. I was going through struggles in many areas, and your season hit me hard. The cold felt unbearable. Your snow felt suffocating. The grey days felt black and the blue skies felt as though they were mocking me.  It felt as if you would never end.

But this year....I like everything about you. Alot.
I am amazed how the blue skies contrast against the white of your snow.
I love how the snow falls on white and grey sky days. How it lands and rests on the top of my mailbox, my steps, and tree branches. I like being able to ski in the drifts, and slide down icy hills behind my house with the kids. I don't even mind your cold. Even the -30 days. I'm not even dreading the weeks and months of you that are still ahead.

I just thought I would write to tell you all this, and let you know how grateful I am for your season.
Thank you for all of it.


I was talking with a wonderful new-found friend last night. Something she said struck me. It had to do with those certain times in our life....

When we're in a miserable season of winter, it IS hard to see thru the blizzard of it all. It's hard to imagine that we'll ever come out of that place of loneliness, heartache, that empty spot. What we need to remember...or, have those who are around us and love us to remind us of- is  that there WAS a Spring and Summer before this. And there will be again. And maybe even the next Winter will be brighter than this one is.
Eventually we WILL find ourselves in another season. Or back in the same one... But this time around we'll see through the blinding snow. We'll be able to look at a blue sky and see it for what it is, rather than something that mocks us. The cold won't bother us and the snow on a grey day will be a thing of beauty.

We weren't designed to withstand a permanent winter of misery. It eventually ends and you will come out stronger and better for it.
I know.
It's happening to me.



LindyLou said...

Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing and writing this, Dawn!!!!

Unknown said...

I love your writing Dawn and your beautiful outlook that you have now. I have been in that lonely, cold place before as well, but the Lord healed me. I have learned to have gratitude for as much as possible and to see something good out of everything and also to remember that I did have a spring and a summer too and it really does work to keep you out of that cold, lonely place of winter. Glad your enjoying the snow. We've only had a few flurries so far.