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Friday, December 18, 2009

The winner.....

And the winner of "Your Favorite Thing This Time of Year" drawn from the Santa Hat is........



Thank you for sending me your favorite Christmas "thing". I loved reading it.....and your Christmas Morning sounds lovely, the way you spend it with your family! Your family's traditions sound wonderful and I think it's so neat how no matter how old your kids get....they still feel family is important and don't want their Christmas to change!
(You have just won a bottle of Avocado and Hemp Lotion in Creamsicle (my favorite)  which I purchased from the Christmas Craft Sale. I can mail it to you (hehe), or you can come over for a visit and pick it up from me whenever you would like!)

Thank you to all of you who entered.....your favorite things, moments, and memories were fun to read!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

(And Happy Birthday to You Molly-girl! Love you!)

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