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Monday, December 7, 2009

Days 5, 6, and 7

Over the weekend.....Another 2 days have been opened on the calendar countdown to 

were 5 and 6.

For number 7 today, I would have to say I love Christmas Lights....and all the lights that seem to glisten around our home and every where else you go throughout this month. Lights on trees, candle light, Christmas lights on houses. There are the white lights and colored lights, lights in all shapes, sizes, and forms.
Why is it we love lighted areas over the dark ones?
Why do we go towards light instead of away from it?
It reminds me of the conversation that took place in a schoolroom way back, regarding light vs. darkness and whether dark actually existed.
The only thing that DOES exist between these 2 CAN be light. The only way Darkness can be present  is because of the lack of LIGHT. 
The light in a room can be shut off, darkness can not. 
Light cannot be quenched by darkness....yet darkness can be expelled because of light.

I'll be pondering this thought today....

(P.S.   I was curious to see how darkness came about, so I opened the Bible to Genesis 1. I had never really thought about this before but "God created light and it was good". Nothing is said about the creation of darkness. But He did just so happen to divide the light from the dark. And the darkness which was present before creation began, surrounded  "the earth that was without form, and void"...and then...... light was created.)



our little love nest said...

oh wow...you can tell that you are related when you almost post identical photos. ( I was going to post a photo of a bowl of our Christmas oranges this morning and thought I would wait until tomorrow. It looks so close to yours that I had to tell you. Funny, right?
P.S.(I love this post)

Dawn said...

Hehe...that's kinda funny. Can't wait to see the picture:) You know what they say..."Great minds".....:)

pig parade said...

Star light Star bright first light i see tonight. I love lights!! :):) xoxo