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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Final Countdown Day....

Saving the best for last- the Reason for all this hoopla of the season- this month of December brings.
You get caught up in everything else....but the other day my youngest asked me "why do we even do all this?"

~It's For This~

Taking this day to remember, to thank, to be grateful...that we meant enough for Him to give us a gift like this.

Merry Christmas to all of you.
Enjoy it all....the good- along with the not so great. We have this life as a gift....but the bigger part of it is yet to come.We aren't here for this life. We were created for more than what it is you're in or living thru right now. Accept His gift to you....cause guess what? It's Free:)
And there is so much more yet to come......



turtle town said...

Thanks for the Christams countdown...I loved reading it every day!
Love ya!

Dawn said...

Thanks...it helped to know you were reading it;)
Luv you too!

pig parade said...

the christmas count down was soooooo cool!!
i loved reading it too!!
i love you!!

LindyLou said...

I loved your Christmas Countdown too ...
Today's is so true!!!
Love ya and miss ya!!!
Hope your holiday is full of peace and love!!!