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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

23~ Games, Chicken, Chocolate, and Winter Pictures

I can't believe almost all the days have been counted down. I haven't even finished my list yet!
So I guess for Door 23 I have to count more than just one thing I love about this month....

It seems that every year around this time we open the game cupboard. Maybe it's because we seem to hibernate a little more because of the cold. Or it's because we don't seem as busy with other stuff so we have more time. Maybe it's just because it's starting to be just the "thing we do around Christmas". We play games. Every day. Sometimes it's just 2 of us, sometimes it's the entire household. But the game cupboard seems to constantly be open. I love this.


Need I say more?

Then there's a strange one...but I DO have to include it because it IS a highlight of December for me....
The Festive Special at Swiss Chalet. Sadly I did not take a picture of the quarter chicken dinner I ordered last week when I went. I must not have been thinking properly and devoured too quickly....but the chicken, fries, sauce, stuffing, and  chocolate truffles at the end of it all stands out as a high priority for me come December.

Then there's.....


Can YOU believe there's only 1 more day left and then it's CHRISTMAS?!?



Unknown said...

Sounds fun. I'd love to be at your place in the snow and playing games in the house and drinking hot chocolate. Beautiful winter scenes. Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas Dawn!

Dawn said...

Thanks Melisa! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too! (Thanks for posting that song the other day.....wonderful:)