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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Cactus, Icicles, and Wine...

Seeing as how I sort of skipped over this past weekend, I thought I better catch up and open a few more doors on the Countdown Calendar.....

3 more things to love about this month:

Icicles hanging from strange places, but still beautiful.
(These are hanging off a grain bin.)


This is something new I found to love this fall...
Cranberry Fruit Wine from a winery in Summerland B.C.


And the last opening for today....
Christmas Cactus.
My mom has an enormous one of these, and every year I have envied the fact that she gets bright pink/red blooms for Christmas and then again at Easter. So I had to buy my own this year. Since I took this picture about a week ago,those small buds have opened and I now have my own pot of pink blooms- and just in time for Christmas!


Pssst...don't forget to send a comment or e-mail about what it is that YOU love about this month. The draw for a Christmas Sale Item out of the Santa Hat is coming up on Friday.....

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turtle town said...

Goodmorning Dawn!
What I love about this time of year is when the snow is falling outside and we have our fire roaring and I am curled up reading a book...that is something that is just not the same in the middle of summer!