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Monday, May 10, 2010


I find it funny that in today's world, when my power goes off the only thing I can use is my computer.
We lost power sometime in the middle of the night, and being in the country- we don't even have water as we get it pumped (by an electrical source) from the well up to our home. No showers, no washing the jam off my hands from making lunches....and my phone doesn't even work. I feel like I've resorted back to pioneer days....ah, except I still have my notebook computer, battery run.

It sure would be nice to go find the problem and fix it. I would love my fridge and freezer to come back on. The milk is getting too warm. And I'd love a shower after my morning routine.

To keep me busy and my mind from getting grumpy, let me tell you about the weekend fundraiser we held for the single mom and her family from Costa Rica......

About 50 people attended over the two days, and we raised enough money to help her out in day-to-day needs for about 3 months. Now the next plan is to try to start saving for a house for Maria and her mother and 3 kids.
As I planned for the Tea and my friend worked on planning the program side of things, we spoke a little on how each person brought a gift to the plans we were making.
The gift of serving was evident....my daughter and 2 other girls ran back and forth filling tea cups, sugar and cream, and passing out the desserts.
Two friends worked along beside me in the kitchen, watching kettles, washing dishes, serving in whatever needed to be done.
There was the gift of teaching and speaking as we listened to the story of Maria and the struggles of her day to day life.
 The gift of music as we listened to guitar, violin, and piano throughout the days.
The gift of creativity in producing an entire album which told the story of Maria and her family.
And the gift of giving...in all who attended.

When you take those individual gifts and combine them....it usually means some sort of success in what you're doing. And I do truly feel the Teas held were just that. And I am so grateful and feel blessed by all those who used their gifts to bring the production together.
I look at my family....and I see one child who is definitely a server as well as a teacher. One who is gifted in creativity and another in giving. I also have one who edifies those around him by what he says or does....the gift of encouragement.
In fact, looking at all facets of my life I see others with their own gifts, and there are so many out there. Thank goodness for that!
Life would be quite the challenge if we were all gifted in the same area. Can you imagine if we all wanted to serve? Or what if we all wanted to teach?
It's amazing to me how each individual was given a talent, a gift of some sort to use in daily living to assist those around them.
I think another important thing I need to remember is to be grateful that others have those gifts....AND...I don't need to have all the same gifts everyone around me has!!!
We all need one another in order to grow and learn and just get by.
Leaning on one another isn't a bad thing. It's way more of a struggle to think we need to fill the shoes of all gifts combined. What stressful living that would be!

Now, I only wish the power company would use their gift in electrical/power knowledge to turn my power back on. I have a "gift" of running my household....but it's much easier to do so when I can wash the laundry, cook the food, and use the telephone! :)
Have a super day....and don't forget to make sure your gift given to you is put to use in some way today.
Others DO need YOU!


our little love nest said...

I can't stop wishing that I had strawberry shortcakes in my kitchen or someone gifted enough to make them! ;) YUM!

pig parade said...

those strawberry short cakes are so good!!
could you make me another one some time??

Unknown said...

I love how you have highlighted all the gifts used during the tea and it's awesome that you are all helping this woman out. I love how you see the gifts in your children and realize that we all have different gifts and that it works better that way. I have realized that in the last two years as well and try to exersize the gifts and talents the Lord has given me. I do much better when I use the ones I know that I have been given instead of someone elses.