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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Can Be Little

I know that circumstances shouldn't be the basis for my happiness. 
For one: I know that my circumstances can usually change in a blink.  (Like the weather...which is once again a white blur, flying by my window making me dizzy...)
Two: My circumstances aren't always happy anyway.
Third: When I DO base my happiness on surrounding circumstances I usually fall flat within minutes....or dive like a rollercoaster coming down from an upside down turn!
But I do have to say that there are Oh so many times where circumstances make me Silly Happy. The kind of happy that you have to smile non-stop about and share with a friend. 
I can't but help to be Happy Happy when these occurences occur!
 For instance.....

Coming back from my week away, I was greeted happily by my other 3 kids who had remained at home. 
 To welcome me back, on my bed were the following:

There were towels everywhere.
Seems in their "spare time" they had practiced towel folding.
They made the crazy moments of my return (and wishing I hadn't)...a little happier.

And then there was Friday.
Maybe this is crazy to be silly Happy about...but I was ecstatic.
I stopped off at my favorite Discount Bakery to pick up my usual 11 loaves of bread for $10.99 deal.
Without knowing it...I had come on 20% discount day. Not only that...my discount card I use every time was all filled with discount stamps...so I ALSO got 5 dollars off my entire purchase.
Silly Happy.
Jump for joy-happy lottery dance- happy.

It's those moments of happy that I need sometimes to put a smile on my face...even if it isn't a True Happiness.
Life is silly at times. We need a quick dance of joy every so often.
What makes you extremely happy...if only for a moment or 2?

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turtle town said...

oh my word....those towel creatures made me happy happy...i love love your kids - they are hilarious!..oh and congatulations on your bread deal...you know how a bargain makes me happy!