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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tri -Update #3

Our Team
(Do I need to point out who the "class clown" might be...?)

Well...it's almost here.
Back HERE (TRY-athlon) was the start of our training.
And now this weekend, 2 of them will be in their first ever triathlon.
(The "BIG" one is end of June, but this weekend still holds pretty huge for me.)

I will get to cheer my team on, and see if their "training plan" was sufficient to keep them moving and actually finishing this event.

Our totals of training thus far are as follows:

116 miles of running
67 miles of biking
48 km swimming
(warm up before swim training)

For me, this weekend is already causing butterflies. And not the good kind.
I will be in my first ever Duathlon.
It's a 3km run followed by a 26.7km bike ride, ending with another 3km run.
I thought it sounded a bit easier than a full triathlon as there is no swimming involved. (And honestly, I've never liked running around in public with wet hair:))
My only consolation is that my 15 year old son agreed to the race along with me. I like the idea I won't be "alone" out there.

I don't care so much as to where I place.
 My goal: I would only like to finish intact and still being able to move.

Throughout high school I wasn't what you would call "athletic". Sure I tried out for volleyball, the cross-country running team, and even badminton.
But the "B" Team in Volleyball was the closest I could ever get to the "A" Team.
During the 2 entire cross-country runs I managed to complete, one ended in hyper-ventilating and a brown paper bag stuck on my face, and the other I came in 2nd last of about 87 kids.
Badminton...Well...let's just say I am know as the "partner to never partner up with" during a badminton tournament.
My specialty was the Javelin Throw....2nd in the entire county during Track and Field Day.
That sport has not taken me all that far in life:)

I guess as I got older I decided I need to find "my sport"...or something I LOVED to do and didn't feel I had to do it. As with anything in high school or those years of "growing up".....I think I felt I needed to prove what I could do. To others.
Now...I just want to prove I can do it for myself.
And to be an example of "not quitting" to my kids...even if I do come in 2nd last during a run:)

A huge inspiration to me has been a friend out there who took up running, and encouraged me to try 5 and 10km races. HER next run is a full marathon....ah, maybe her inspiration will stop here:)
(Good luck N on your upcoming marathon by the way:)

I think I had better get out there and run a bit.
I am making myself a bit more nervous and I only have 3 days left.

Happy day to you all, and may you finish whatever you have started!
Even if you finish holding a paper bag on your face!


Paula said...

You'll do great Dawn!! I just did my first ever 1/2 Marathon on the long weekend...and I was DEFINATELY NOT athletic in any form of the word especially in high school!! ( in fact once p.e. became an 'option' I opted out!!) The big push for me to do 21k was soley to 'finish what I had started'. It took me 2hours and 32minutes, but I did finish, and I am happy that for once, I followed through with what I set out to do. Just have fun! And besides...you've had 4 kids....THIS IS NOTHING!!

Dawn said...

Hullo Dear Friend!:)
Thank you...and WAY TO GO for your run time and finishing!!! I am so proud of you! Way to go!
And yes....never thought of it that way, but once you have 4 we pretty much can do anything, huh?;))
We need to go for supper again soon...