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Friday, May 28, 2010

Rainy Day...again

Finding myself wanting to do this, on yet another rainy day....
sit by the fire

lay out and relax
have some sugar and spice

curl up into a ball

sit by the fire some more

hang out with people i love


Another rainy day.
With this constant gray weather,
I may just gain a few extra pounds.
(Does it count for as many "bad calories" if they're whole
wheat Sin-ammon Buns....?)

Have a Happy Weekend everyone!


Sheree said...

Your Cinnamon Rolls look delicious!
We use to make these everyday at the Cafe, though from frozen dough, not the same at all!
Looking at your pictures makes me want to bake!

Hope the weather clears up for you soon. Here in the St. Louis area, we just finished with weeks on end of rain so I know how the dreary weather can wear on you. We finally are having a beautiful sunny weekend!
Your new blog follower,

Dawn said...

Thanks, Sheree!! Yes....weather does wear on a person...our rain has now turned to snow. Maybe your sunshine will make its way to us - hopefully in the very very near future:)) Until then....baking away;)
(Your cafe looked sweet....a place I could have visited on a daily basis!!)
Happy day to you,

angela walker jewelry said...

These look delicious!! If it is any help, it has been raining here in Pittsburgh too....
Health and happiness,