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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I think it is so amazing when a person has an idea and a love for something- and then goes all out to fulfill that idea.
I met the most wonderful person at the Farmer's Market Saturday....he grows the above blooms- in his backyard.
When I asked him if he really was from this province...{which has missed ALL the hot weather the rest of the world seems to have gotten this summer}- he said he and his flowers only lived 3 minutes away...and he grew all of these holding his breath while we got rain, wind, snow, hail, more rain and wind.....


They were Beautiful!!!
He now is having a Flower Show  this weekend to show-off his work.
And WHAT a display to show.

{I am a sucker for flowers and blooms like these.....}

I want to go just to take picture after picture...so I can fill my walls with pictures of these amazing blooms!

(I still cannot believe he managed to grow them right here in this province....)



Lynette Jacobs said...

Those dahlias are beautiful. Well done in capturing them so well.

Dawn said...

Hi Lynette!
I Know!!! I wanted to buy them ALL.
(I have to confess...my son took all the photos with his new camera...it wasn't me at all:)

Happy day to you,