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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweet 70's ride....

So a wonderful neighbor lent me this bike for a couple months.....
A Peugeot Race Bike, (made in France).

Check out the metal fenders.....

 Lights- front and back-  that actually come on with the energy you generate while pedaling!

An attached tire pump:

Metal rack for carry-ons....

And a leather seat....leather!

They sure don't make them like they used to:)


this free bird said...

i freaking love that leather seat. LEATHER SEAT.


Marcelle said...

Dawn you have GREAT legs there girl!!!

bBchronicles said...

Dawn -
THANKS for dropping the "blog-homestead" and leaving your sweet comments! I'm not sure if you're into bikes (but it looks like it) - you might be interested in meeting my daughter and read her blog for women bikers - you can see her at:
She and her husband build titanium road bikes - but her blog is just FUN!

ALSO, you can SEE the bikes they build here:

Nice to meet you - I'll be back!!!!!

Pat Tillett said...

Back in the day...
I had a Peugeot! It looked just like this bike, except it was stripped down with none of the extras. For some reason I had a lot of trouble keeping it and me off the pavement.

great photos!

Dawn said...

Carrie...I KNOW! Gotta love the Leather seat!:)

Marcelle....hehe- thanks- they get me where I want to go:)

Pat....I almost wiped 'er yesterday. I have never ridden anything with that type of tire. (I'm used to my mountain bike.) If you have your old bike...just THINK of the possibilities....:)

bBchronicles....thanks for coming by. And YES! i am "kinda" into bikes:) I am going to look your daughter up right now. Thanks for the sites!