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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday's Trail Race

(My good friend taking off from the start to begin her 29km distance...
and her view from the top!)
(Me and my new dirty shoes:)

This race was amazing for many reasons.

For one- it was my first Trail Race ever.
It sure beats pavement and being surrounded by hundreds of runners as in a "regular city race". I ran alone for most of the 16km...just me and the rocks, roots, trees, streams, and scenery!

Secondly- I got to be in the race because of my good friend- the one who inspired and still motivates me to keep running. Just when I think I cannot possibly run any farther...I sign up for the next distance because
 She Thinks I can:)

Third- I got dirty!
For those of you who know me...I am a clean freak. Absolutely!
I fell in a bog up to my knees...and loved it. I don't think I have ever been so proud of mud before.

And lastly- I finished. 
And I want to do another one.
Makes me realize any one can do something they truly think they can't
...especially with a good person standing behind to motivate and inspire.


Jo said...

Awesome! Way to go. It really makes a difference when you have someone believing in you. You're blessed to have a friend like that.

Marcelle said...

I love, love, love trail running...thats what I do all of summer in the forest...nothing beats that....when i go to Cape Town I have to do road running and find it so different it takes me a while to settle in...
Then of course in winter I run on the treadmill..but trail running is the best. I bought special trail shoes this season...

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I follow your from the side line, okay ;) Two thumbs up!

EnJOY the new week. xxx

Jen said...

A trail race?? Oh how fun!! I want to do one! Thanks for the idea :-)

Jen said...

Say, do you have a recipe for your "favorite thing to make" on the right there?

Dawn said...

Miz. November...So true! And I am blessed to be surrounded by people lie that:) It helps get through days!

Marcelle....I do believe trail running is top of the list for my "I Love This" List:) Maybe we should share our favorite trail run and come try each other's trail out!? What an idea:))

Saskia....you can wave from the sideline...but believe me- it is a TON of fun! You would surprise yourself if you tried one...and you honestly wouldn't want to stop at one:))

Jen....Thanks for coming by! And yes-DO try one!
As for the recipe..you are the 3rd to ask so I guess I may have to share the recipe soon....they are pretty easy- and really worth it! (Hence the trail running I now need to do:)

sassyshoediary said...

Hey, great job! I'm a new runner - I've never tried trail running!


Allison said...

I love to run as well, and Switzerland is full of lovely trails.