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Monday, August 2, 2010

July Skies

Every time I vacation it's amazing to me how different the sky can be from place to place.
I'm a sky watcher, constantly looking up and forever being amazed by how
different the world above us can be.
Returning home, I have to say I like my sky best.
It always seems so open and massive....I love my prairie sky.

I cannot believe July is gone.
It was a month full of beautiful sky, and by the looks of the pictures on my camera, I must have been constantly looking upward. :)

I am looking forward to what August Skies may hold.


Pat Tillett said...

Great photos and words...
We're still waiting for summer where I live. It's very mild, but no heat at all...
Summer is suppose to have some bite to it

GardenOfDaisies said...

I love the wide open, blue prairie skies too.

natsu said...

Beautiful pictures!!
The prairie is really new to me(looks great) 'cause it looks so different
from where I live :)
Skies are interesting, when you drive an hour,
you see the different color of sky there!

Anya said...

amazing pictures!
the sky and clouds are my favorite thing about our planet, they go on forever and reach into the heavens, beautiful!
Hope you're having a lovely day, friend!