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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Books and Apple Pie

I think I`ve mentioned a few times that our family loves to read. All of us.
A day doesn`t go by when at least one or 2 of us has to be brought back to reality from another world.

I have read to the kids for as long as I can remember...I think even when they were newborns!
 (Probably more for my sanity than their enjoyment:)

Over the years I`ve collected a few favorites. They`re books that we have read over and over...the kind that got requested every night for weeks in a row and no one ever seemed to mind that it had been the same one night after night.
These are the books that I`ll keep....and hopefully one day read to my grand kids:)

One of my...(I mean our)...favorites:

A little girl goes out to shop for the things she needs to bake a pie, but upon arriving at the Market finds that the store owner has:

She then decides to travel around the world....collecting all the necessary ingredients to make and bake her Apple Pie.
Cinnamon from Sri Lanka,
apples from Vermont,
even a cow from England to make the butter!

At the end is the Apple Pie Recipe- which we seem to use every time we have apples sitting around, 
or Grandma`s apple tree needs to be picked....

I never tire of this book.....and the illustrations are perfect!

Other books we love and I highly recommend .....
(these would be for younger ages)

Emily`s House by Niko Scharer & Joanne Fitzgerald
Blueberries For Sal by Robert McCloskey
The Best Nest by P.D. Eastman
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

(and a couple that are for those a bit older):

Uncommon Traveler (Mary Kingsley in Africa) by Don Brown
Paddle to the Sea by Holling Clancy Holling

There are so many more on my `Love These Books` list,
but for another rainy day.....(yes...it rained again today:)

Happy reading ....whatever literary treasure you happen to find and love!


Shayne said...

Oh i just love the cover - enough reason for me to buy it!

My 4 year old is hugely into the Princess Poppy series, all The Gruffalo books (and books by the same author) and she is just discovering Paddington Bear.

I somehow missed the Hungry Caterpillar - not sure how seeing as this is child no 2 already!

Looking forward to seeing your list for even 'older' readers!

Jen said...

Oh how I LOVE reading too!! Whenever I go to the library, I always bring home at least a dozen books. And yes, I actually get to all of them. I never liked reading, especially when I was in school, but I love it now!! Reminds me... have to make a trip tonight to the library :-)

Jo said...

Love this. I still have some of my books from my childhood. My mom read The Pokey Little Puppy until the spine of the book came apart. Horton Hatches an Egg was another favorite.

Alli said...

It's so great that your whole family reads books together. When I was really young my dad would read Highlights magazines to us and we'd go through and try to find the Hidden Items. I still remember that. How to Make an Apple Pie sounds really cute!

sassyshoediary said...

There's something about children's books! They're like magic...

mysterymoor said...

I'm such a big fan of kid's books. And of making kids read. I can't remember not ever reading. As soon as I learnt to read I would read EVERYTHING i saw. I clearly remember being in a bus aged 3 and moaning because we were driving too fast for me to read all the signs in the way. Once a nerd always a nerd I guess :) I'm back on the computer again, so I'll finally be able to comment! It's been ages