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Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Visitors

This was the view from my window the other morning-
a mother and her twins feasting on the ruins of my garden after the heavy frost.

At least someone is making use of the garden this fall. 
When I try to work in it, my feet sink into thick, heavy mud....and everything that was above ground seems too mushy to harvest.

BUT....Mr.Weatherman seems to be promising heat for the next few days.
Maybe it will dry up long enough for me to dig up what there is to store for winter.

Meanwhile...these hungry deer are feasting.
They`re beautiful.
I never tire of watching them.
Even when they treat themselves to my mountain ash and apple trees...
(although - at $80/tree it is an expensive viewing!)

I hope they can blend in well over the next couple of months.

(Which leads me to the following letter I`ve been meaning to write.....)

Dear Mr. Hunter:

I just thought I would write and let you know,
that I will be the one wearing the bright red hat while running down the miles of my gravel road.
Molly will be the one in the bright red sweater...riding her horse through the pasture.
My boys hang out in the yard and like to play football and throw sticks to our lazy dog.

Please watch out for us and don`t shoot while we are out.
It`s unnerving.
Thank you.


I would say good luck and wish you Happy Hunting this season, but I don`t think I can.
I do so like my garden visitors and don`t mind them hanging around here another year.
(Even if they do eat my expensive trees.)

It wouldn`t hurt my feelings at all if your scope was out of line just a tad....


Nicole Austin said...

what lovely visitors! i cannot imagine that anyone would ever want to hunt these creatures purely for sport (or at all, for that matter!) thanks for your visit to my blog and for your sweet comments! i think you should start an art journal. they are lots of fun and easier than it looks. ;) happy weekend to you, too!

Jayne said...

How very sweet to be able to see them in your yard Dawn. Like you, even thought I logically know that their numbers need to be maintained so that there is adequate food for them and they are not running all over the place, it's hard to stomach them being hunted just the same.

Thanks for the kind comments on my Journey Through Grace. I've added you to my reading list as well and look forward to visiting your beautiful blog. Have a wonderful day.

Marcelle said...

You have the most amazing visitors...how lucky are you....

natsu said...

Wow,this is CANADA for me!
Can't believe that you can watch them in your
yard.Just beautiful...

Leah J. Utas said...

Deer are beautiful. We get them in our yard, too, and we live in town.
I really hope the hunters have more sense than to shoot at you.

TexWisGirl said...

Very beautiful! And I liked your letter too! Be safe!

Fit With Flash said...

haha! that hunting thing gets a little crazy. i hope they miss as well.

Jen said...

Don't you just love seeing animals like that out in your yard!! Sometimes I have turkeys and ducks and geese (I live in MN of course!). I pull out my camera and take tons of pics of them, they're just so dang cute! ;-)

Hope said...

amazing...the view of your garden and the trees in the back, looks like my yard only we have a six foot high chained fence to keep the deer out. And it does because there is so much around that they can eat. We ended up putting a fence around our trees because we've only had them for a few years. in the winter we keep a low fence around some trees because the porcupine's love eating the bark.

I'll post the photo's of our garden and deer too. See what you think.

I'm nervous about hunters too. especially when I'm out for a walk.

I like your letter. Tastefully done.

koralee said...

Oh dear..the thought of hunting these lovely creatures makes me sooooo sad.

Friday hugs to you and thank you for all the well wishes for my daughter...she will soon be landing on London soil and then I can sleep. xoxoxo

Sarah Knight said...

I spend at least 10 hours a week driving, so as long as those stay in your yard & out of the road — we're all good :)

It's always fun to see nature in the full spectrum.

angela walker jewelry said...

I always love reading your posts Dawn... It is one of my favorite blogs!
Health and happiness...

Deb said...

love seeing deer...but they can over run a place...