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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time to vote....

What a response! I have no idea which one of these to use...each one would work!

(My family and I narrowed the choices down....each choosing 2 from the list.)
Now .....you all get to vote for the winner.

Here`s  12 of the 32 responses I received via comments, email, and face book:

1.``I love it when I win horseshoes!``

2.``And they call ME a Nag!``


4.Neigh-Sayers Delight


6.The Horse Yodeler

7.Hoot n`Holler

8.``The most wasted of days is one without laughter.``

9.No, I don`t floss.

10.Could it be the famous Mr.Ed....

11.It only hurts when I laugh.

12.Whoa! I don`t think my polid-ent is doing its job.

(So....tell me what YOU think! 
The votes will be tallied Thursday morning.....)

Wishing you all a Happy Monday!


TexWisGirl said...

I vote #12! Love it!

mysterymoor said...

no, i don't floss haha

Jayne said...

OK, so even though I stil like my caption, I think my favorite is #4 in terms of what to title the photo!

Shayne said...

No 3. Fits the photo perfectly - i can almost hear her sneezing!

Hope said...

No. 5

but...it was difficult to choose. I really think they are all so good!

turtle town said...

Oh boy this is hard because I still like mine AND I thought of another one...."YEEHAW!".....good one eh? So anyways if I am picking off this list and don't pick mine I will have to choose...#7! Good luck deciding on a winner;)

chloë. said...

I kind of like no. 1...made me laugh :]

pig parade said...

I love #7! Shes quite the horse! I can't think of a name I don't know why! well good luck!

Lynette Jacobs said...

I also like no 3.

sassyshoediary said...

I like No. 3 and 9!