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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thoughts on today.....

Another gloomy day today....and I feel down. Don't know if it's because summer feels OVER for good, or if I miss the sun. Maybe I just need more sleep:)
Whatever the reason....it's a gray day.
So....I found this picture (Molly took) and realized- that even though things may seem gloomy,
 there just HAS to be a bright spot somewhere in it all:))
Looking for the color in today....

{And just a bit more on the race.......}

Tri- Squad..
this team  was put together 2 days before the race:
Jodie the swimmer(my sister), Lynton the runner(bro-in-law), Mike the biker(my hubby)

The 3 of them decided...(after my begging:)) ...to participate in the Triathlon as a team.
They did amazing...and what makes it more so is that none of them even planned on doing this until the Friday before the Day!

They came in 2nd of all the Teams!!
Imagine what you guys will do next year;)

And of course we can't forget to mention:



Marcelle said...

I think its cause summer is gone, I'm feeling it as well....am so down in the dumps ~ feel as if the life has gone out of my life....hate this feeling.

Dawn said...

Ok. What you need to do, is hop on a plane, fly over to my house, and have a cinnamon bun I just made. They are fat free;) Then we can go for a run...which in turn allows us to have another cinnamon bun:)
Happy day thoughts to you,

Marcelle said...

LOL....Dawne that comment made me laugh...and I feel happier now, thanks for that...oh boy I would be there in a tick if I lived closer...fat free..hehehe is there such a thing?????????????

I'M OFF TO TEACH A CLASS NOW, so know I will return feeling happier, its this whole Doctor situation and my MS that I have never accepted since being diagnosed that got to me this afternoon..
I know I need to start treatment, but am not believing that I have it, so hard one for me..

Thanks for letting off off load on your blog...now I must go or will be late...xx

Nicole Austin said...

summer is my favorite season! i'm not sure i'm ready to let go either! i feel like it went way too fast. i like fall and the holiday season, but i don't like rain or being cold! i love your sunflower photo! hang in there!

angela walker jewelry said...

Love your picture of the flower! I always tell myself "The sun is always shining... even on the cloudiest day"! Hang in there!
Health and happiness,