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Friday, August 14, 2009

Drizzle Dance

Well...it's rainy. Again.
Time to pull up the things I need to dance in the rain for - instead of waiting for the drizzle to pass.

A few of the things I really think were great this week...in spite of the weather:
  1. Instead of paying $$$ to go pick saskatoons from a U-pick up the road- Corben offered to take a bucket and see if there were any in our trees. He picked enough for a huge pie!
  2. The hail we got........ left the fields and my flowers standing!
  3. I phoned several people this week I haven't talked to for months....so good to catch up!
  4. I've decided to work on ....Not having expectations. For situations OR people!
  5. I DID get to see a few meteors in the "shower". And Yes....one DID take my breath away!
  6. I "invented" a new green tea drink with NO sugar....but it's still delicious!
  7. I spent an entire day with my kids hanging out in the city...shopping, Quizno Subs, movie theatre, and we all had a perfect, laughing time! (except when I had to go and cry in the movie...:)
  8. Mike left a bag of my favorite candy on the truck seat....which I found right before an hour long drive I had to make!
  9. I got to chat with my brother on the phone twice this week....first time in months!
  10. I took Molly and her horse out to a friends' place for a "trail ride"....they rode and I got to visit with an encouraging, wonderful friend.
  11. We found a vehicle we REALLY like ....for $12,000 less than we wanted to spend!
  12. I said "I'm Sorry" for something I did...and a relationship turned around!

Have a happy day and weekend......whether it's drizzly or sunshiney!



LindyLou said...

I Like this! It seems like when we write down what we are grateful for it makes a difference in our days and how we live them!
Luv ya!

Dawn said...

I know...it almost keeps you accountable:)
Luv ya too...can't wait til the fall...