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Monday, August 10, 2009

Favorite Weekend Moment...

What a great weekend! There was pizza with a very great friend, a bonfire here with some super friends and family, a couple of BBQ's with family, a day at the lake with more terrific friends.....Just a wonderful couple days of fun.

(And for those of you who say my life always seems to be soooo much fun allllll the time...I also cleaned my oven and oven racks, defrosted my freezer, cleaned a few bathrooms, washed out the fridge, and did about 6 loads of laundry:)

But to choose a wonderful weekend moment is a little tricky. So I'll say it was all good. Even the cleaning parts!

(I just noticed that everything spectacular this weekend had something to do with people....who I love in my life. Let the wonderful times happen with those around you this week....even if you have to scrub oven racks or wash dirty socks)

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turtle town said...

Thanks for the bonfire this weekend...you have such a great home!!! Thanks again too for taking the kids tubing they had sooooooo much fun!!! Tell you about my dinner theater later!:) Off to cow town for a few days ... see ya when we return!