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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Personality Pix

I just realized that I haven't taken "real" school pictures of my kids for quite a few years now. I used to be so particular in getting the pictures done at the same time every year, at each age/grade.

Just wanted to share my most favorites with you...(whoever is out there)......

My sister took these in her kitchen. We wanted to match up food with each of their personalities or something that stood out to each one individually:

this was the summer we would send Ben out to pick raspberries and he would come back with an empty bucket....but he really had picked them all. he really didn't need a bucket, his mouth was good enough

there always seems to be a correlation between the monkey, a banana, and corben

my considerate, quiet, thoughtful molly who was reading at age 3 and hasn't stopped

his love of food has not waned over the past few years. and i have to say he IS the best pancake maker in our house

Maybe this is the year I should update their school pictures. Funny thing is....the pictures would all be the same, they would just look older. Aren't people interesting in all their quirks, personalities, likes, dislikes? It takes all kinds in this world......


Anonymous said...

Who says "back to school" photos have to be these boring, "pose for the camera" shots, where everybody is sitting on a chair,with the same tacky backdrop? Everyone lines up, sits down, smiles, gets up, then they call out "next!" I love the fact that we don't have to do that. I used to feel the need to do those photos each year too, but I kind of fell behind...I decided I would just choose the nicest "natural" photos I have taken of my kids during the year (doing fun things) and call those "school photos"...those pics of your kids would make great school photos!

LindyLou said...

Love the pictures!!!
Wish you lived closer!!!