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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Everyone's Best Friend

Last week I went out to a wonderful friends' place for the afternoon. Her daughter and mine have a thing for horses....it seems alot of girls that age do! We came up with a riding schedule for both of them, and come September they'll hopefully be riding weekly together.

When I walked into their home, I was somewhat astounded. There were 2 litters of puppies playing in the entrance. Now, I am not a HUGE animal lover, but there was something about these that made me want one...or two!

These puppies do not shed! And the moms' of the litters didn't jump on me as I walked in! (2 HUGE bonuses with me:) And all of them were perfectly cute.....and they stay that way even when they grow up!

They just recently created a website for their puppies...you should check it out! : http://haveneseparkerpuppypets.com/contact.html