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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello YOHO

On a run last week early in the morning, I had an urge to go hike my most favorite of all spots that I've been to- which I guess I have to say... I haven't been to too many places in my life....outside of my own country anyhow!!

I decided to call up some very good friends who I did the hike with last year. And lucky me...they were planning to drive out from Saskatchewan to do the very same hike this coming weekend. So- permits are in order, my hiking gear has been pulled out, all that wonderful packaged, lightweight food has been organized into piles, and now I need to begin to try to fill my pack without making it weigh more than I do.

There's something about the mountains that makes me feel alive. For some reason I can catch my breath climbing up to the top of a mountain. It allows me to think clearly. I love it. Out of all the things in my life that I DO love....hikin' in them mountains has to pretty much top my list.

There are parts of it that I could probably do without:
The bathrooms...if you come across any...and I wouldn't call them "Bathrooms" AT ALL.
The food isn't splendid.
Blisters from hiking boots do happen on occasion and duct tape wrapped around your feet isn't comfy.
Sometimes you have to be creative in how you take the trail on....bridges can be washed out.
If it rains the one day, you may end up colder and still wet the next day.
And those packs do get heavy when you consider you're traveling with your shelter, bedding, extra clothes, food, and stove, hanging by 2 straps on your shoulders.

But what adventure!
Around every curve in the trail....every new type of plant or tree that pops out from the ground your walking on....every peak I top....every new hidden lake I happen upon- takes my breath away! And there isn't anything like it.

It's amazing.

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pig parade said...

Pretty view! Sure going to be nice!