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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Things That Make Me Smile

Things that make me smile:
Once I saw a family of ducks waddling across an intersection. Everyone in vehicles or on foot had to wait while the family bravely and very proudly, crossed in a row...even knowing enough to use the crosswalk.

When my oldest was only 2...my grandpa passed away. It was a hard time of grieving for me, and I never could quit crying it seemed. My sweet 2 year old climbed up on the counter, pulled a kleenex from the box, came over and wiped my tears and commented, "Raindrops are falling from mommys' eyes".....and then he wiped my tears. I did have to quit with the tears and smile after that.

Last year...hiking up to Siffleur Falls with all the kids....we managed to finally reach the magestic fall of water. It crashed along beside us as we ate our lunch...when Ben finally had to ask, "How does God shut this thing off at night?"

When I come home from working really late, and on my pillow is a note from one of my kids....sharing something that is close to their heart....and telling me they love me.

And on a slightly different note....
Driving out of town today from an errand, I turned long enough to see some sort of "car" waiting at the stop light. It was low to the ground, had an open top, it was bright orange in color, and shaped....LIKE A CARROT!!!! What was THAT????? And the man driving had his head back, was wearing earphones, and had his eyes closed while he waited. I had to laugh....another one of lifes' "smiley" moments:

Does ANYONE out there know what this is? I want one:))

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