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Friday, September 4, 2009

Burnt Blessings

well....i just about burned the house down.
seriously. i almost did.

i was very excited about supper....steak, potatoes, beans, maybe our corn on the cob we grew....
it was very hot yesterday! there was no way i wanted to turn the oven on so bbq it was.
the only problem was that it was windy. very very windy. and my bbq was sitting in the full force of the wind.
and i went inside to get things ready while the steaks bbq'd....and within a matter of minutes smoke was billowing up past my window and across the yard.
when i ran outside and turned the corner to where my bbq sat cooking our supper...i was greeted by flames. blowing in the wind flames. uncontrollable flames. and the bbq was 2 feet from the house. and one foot from a tree i planted this summer....perfect level with the flames.
foolishly i risked losing my eyebrows to shut the propane off. THAT was close.
but even with everything turned off the flames continued to billow and grow. the wind didn't help too much.....
ANYWAY.....to make a silly long story shorter....the flames did die down after about 4 minutes, the steaks were charcoal on one side. the stoneware i had the potatoes on had blown to bits due to the extreme 650 degree cooking temperature within the bbq...and I HAVE NO PICTURE TO PROVE THIS STORY TRUE.

but you COULD ask the kids how they liked supper last night....... :)

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turtle town said...

burnin' down the house!! bum bum bum ...burnin' down the house!