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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Spruce Meadows Day

A couple weeks ago I mentioned I was off to a Horse Show.
Molly and I ended up driving to the city.....meeting up with our bestest friends....and driving another hour to Spruce Meadows.
What a perfect day. Good weather, yummy picnic food, tons of world class horses to watch, fun competition, and the best of friends to hang out with for the entire day.

(Molly- the reasonI went in the firstplace)
(We got to watch some of the worlds' best jumping horses and their riders. Can you believe people actually make millions of dollars jumping obstacles on a fancy horse? What a job!)

(Like my new hat?)

(Best friends and yummy food!)

Thanks for the SUPER idea Molly.
Same time next year?


LindyLou said...

Sounds like you had a great time!!!
Can't wait to see you all!!!

Dawn said...

Cannot wait to see you!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Molly for the invite! We had so much fun! Same time, same place, next year...

pig parade said...

Sounds like fun!:)