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Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun Run

For some reason I've been feeling really down. And I have to be honest.... I have not been dancing all too much. And I feel I don't even have an umberella. It's just me and raindrops. And wind and a little hail.
So last week I didn't want to act happy when I wasn't...hence the unwritten blog.
(Besides that.....I had no more internet data usage on my "wonderful" rocket stick I have to use because I live in the country....so to post a blog cost a little more than I spend on internet budgeting:)
I'm hoping this week is a little "dancier".

To start off the week, I need to go over my favorite weekend moment:
A 5km race I got to run with my 4 kids.

Before the race.....

.....and after.

And the Winner Is..........

I have to say my kids are pretty much my best friends. And I'm thankful that they do things I like once in awhile too:)

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pig parade said...

It was such a good time!