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Monday, September 7, 2009

GiveAway: Time to Dance

Okay...I wasn't even going to write today, being the long weekend and all. (So tomorrow will be My Favorite Weekend Moment!)
But on my run this morning I was so content...watching the sun appear, running double what I did yesterday and still breathing, the clouds were amazing shapes and colors..... I just felt overly-happy for some reason and realized that mornings are Dance Moments for me:) Then I got to wondering what everyone else holds in their heart as a Dance Moment in their lives...?

Soooo....I got this idea in my mind that I had to come home and post:
Could YOU write me what your favorite Dance Moment or even momentS are in YOUR days? It can be one moment....it could be 20 or 100. I just would love to know what makes each of you smile!

Here's what to do:
1. Either post a comment, or you if you aren't a "Dancin' Partner", just e-mail me...(my address can be found under My Profile).
2. Tell me what makes you dance in your days....one or as many things as you want.
3. Make a note -telling me if I can publish your comment/e-mail.
4. Also give me your mailing address because......
.....out of all the replies I recieve I am going to draw a WINNER...for a pair of POCKET SLIPPERS made by Molly! (see my SLIPPER DAZE post).
I can't wait to see what makes others smile or dance! Have fun...and make sure your replies are in by next Monday morning......I'm going to draw a reply next Monday at noon:)
Have fun thinking about those things in your day that make you do a little Dance:)
(And look for my post tomorrow on ONE of my Favorite Weekend moments......and come hungry:)


LindyLou said...

**** The way the sun shines in the fall!!
**** The way the summer heat is starting to
leave and the crisper feeling is in
the air!!!
**** The apples and pears on the trees and
seeing the harvest in the
orchards and seeing bins and bins of
harvested apples!!!
**** The smell of apples in the air!!!!!
**** PUMPKINS!!!! I love the orange colors
and the fact that I have 2 giant
pumpkins growing in my flower bed!!!!
**** Making pear pie for my husband's BD
because he'd rather have pear pie
than birthday cake!!
**** Baking pumpkin muffins, cookies . . .
**** Seeing the vineyards and orchards
start to get their fall colors . . .
**** Getting cozy inside or around a fire
**** Seeing the grapes loaded on the grape
**** Remembering my Mom and her fabulous
Thanksgiving dinners and the love she
put into them and us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
**** Walking thru the fallen leaves and
having leaf fights!!!
**** Decorating inside and out with fall
**** Putting on "cozy" clothes!!!
**** Having our home surrounded by
orchards and looking out and seeing
God's bounty on the trees!!
**** Almost everything about fall!!!!
**** Thank you God for fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FALL MAKES ME DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My Dance Moments...

Having dinner in the crockpot by 9:00am...

My family saying they actually "liked" what I cooked in the crockpot that day...

Having my children say "thank-you for homeschooling us, Mom!"...

Not having to worry about school bullies...

Not having to change diapers anymore...

My daughter growing taller than me...

Having one or two very close friends instead of a multitude of fair-weather ones...

My good friend who does not mind the dog hair on my floor...

My husband who thinks I am pretty when I feel far from it...

Being able to run farther than my last run...

Knowing God is faithful in everything...