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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Room to Grow

Over the last couple of days, I've been transplanting. Every thing seems to have doubled in size or quantity. I feel like everything is trying to take over :)
I was looking at the pot size my ivy is in, and how I have to keep moving up in size as I transplant it every so often. What started out as a tiny plant pot has over doubled from when I began. It's encouraging if you like to plant and see things grow.
I'm wondering how I re-plant myself when I learn to grow......
And it got me thinking...I don't know If I HAVE grown all that much in the last little while. I feel I haven't done too many "outside of my comfort things" or have tried to learn anything new. It's not that I want to move....or change all I am in too drastic of a way. I think I may just be stuck in the same old pot!
I think I have to make a decision this year to grow in some way. First off- I think I'm going to get myself a guitar and teach myself a few ditties! Then I'd like to take a language course with my daughter.....maybe French....or even German. And there IS a Scuba Diving Course coming up my son wants to take. Maybe he wants company?
Besides all that...I think I need to grow in relationships. I find I've been happy in them if they all go the way I think they should. Maybe it's important to let those around me grow and change too......
I think we should all be changing pots every so often. Let's face it....the same old pot gets a little tiring to look at year after year.
Here's to growing!

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pig parade said...

I love watching things grow!