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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eleven years ago....

....we welcomed Corben into the world. Another wonderful person to be part of our family.

He was a perfect baby.....always smiling, keeping us on our toes, and keeping us smiling while being his own little juggling act and circus all of his own!!!

He never stopped moving from the moment he awoke.

He has always been creative and comes up with quite the ideas.

He is thoughtful.

(mother's day dessert with candles and a flowerbed-marker...
he brought out to me while i was sitting on the deck:)

He's giving and compassionate.
He loves nature and taking pictures...making his own movies and writing stories.
(his bird watching captured on camera)

He leaves me handmade cards with homemade heart envelopes beside my bed.
He can imitate voices off of movies and CD's....leaving us all gasping for air because we can't quit laughing.
He loves to skateboard, read, play basketball. and bakes amazing peanut butter chip cookies.

He is all this and so much more!

We hope you have a wonderful day Corben.

Happy Birthday, buddy!
We love you tons!!


Sheree said...

Happy Birthday Corben from your Mom's wacky blog follower! Hope it's your best Birthday yet!

LindyLou said...

Happy Birthday Corben!
Hope you have a great day and wonderful year!!

pig parade said...

i like the photo of corben drinking that really funny. happy birthday cousin!