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Sunday, June 6, 2010

that 80's party

Wonderful weekend....but oh too fast!
Next post will have all the "calm, collected, peaceful" moments of the 3 days with only Molly and I.....but for now, the crazy, cool, carefree evening we spent at my cousin's 80's Party!

We ended up in Calgary for Saturday evening and spent it as follows:

80's footwear...remember slouch socks, colorful heels with all the-colors-of-the-rainbow nylons, high tops/converse, loafers, jelly shoes?

~Playing 80's Trivial Pursuit~

Dressing up...rememeber florals, should pads, tight leggings, baggy tops, belts, off the shoulder shirts....everything matches by color.....

....of the best 80's attitude AND best 80's dress!

And remember all the fun candy we could buy....

...along with Fizz Candy and Bottle Caps.

Our MENU consisted of:
Shake and Bake Chicken
Kraft Dinner
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
Mandarin Orange Salad
Square Carrots and Peas from the bag
Yummy Frozen Whip Fruit Desserts

Of course we had to watch FOOTLOOSE....

and then have our own Dance-Off:

And one can never forget the '80's makeup and hair....

Thanks for a great time you guys!
(I can't get all that great 80's music out of my head!:)


natsu said...

Oh,I love this party idea.Sounds so fun!!
By the way,are you ok after you fell on the stairs?

Dawn said...

:) Yes..it Was quite fun...and a little crazy at times:)
I'm ok from the stair episode, the only thing left to heal is my elbow:)
Happy day to you, friend!