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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Something Simple

A Fistful Of Flowers...
was brought to my back door the other day.
 In between the down pouring of rain, the wind, and the gloomy gray,
I managed to get the kids to go breathe some outdoor air  in order to
take a break from school and chores.

A knock on my back door while I was trying to hurry and do the dishes before their return, and I opened it to find these lilacs in the fist of one of my boys.
His "Here mom, these are for you",
was what has gotten me through these past gloomy and hurried days of school, sports, and mundane everyday routines.

Sometimes it's the small moments
or the seemingly little things, 
 that can get someone through a day.

His simple handful of flowers have meant more to me than anything these past few days.
Here's wishing you all,
a Fist~full of Flowers.


angela walker jewelry said...

What a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Are lilacs still blooming where you are? Mine have been done for so long now. I miss them more than any other flower because they look and smell so beautiful in the house!

Dawn said...

Angela...yes, he is a sweetie. This one is my "romantic boy":)
Sheree....we are soooo far behind in our blooms because of all the snow and rain, our lilacs just appeared not too long ago. Too bad you couldn't send me yours and I could send you mine as they bloom. We could have lilacs for "double" the blooming time:)
happy day to you both!